Glossary (from "Genetics of the Dog", pp405-408):

Allele: An alternative form of a gene. A gene may have several alleles (be multi-allelic) but a dog can only have two alleles of any gene and these may be identical or not. 

Dominant: Relates to an allele of a gene which, when present in a single dose, will mask the presence of another. Usually depicted by upper case letters. 

Gene: The unit of inheritance. 

Genotype: The genetic structure of the animal. What an animal carries in its genetic makeup but which may not be apparent in his appearance. 

Heterozygous: Strictly different -- used to indicate dogs that carry different alleles of a gene at a specific locus. Thus Aa and Bb are examples of heterozygous combinations. 

Homozygous: Strictly the same -- used to indicate dogs carrying the same allele of a gene in duplicate. Thus AA and aa are homozygous animals. 

Locus (plural loci): A particular point on a specific chromosome. Any gene is always found at the same locus. 

Phenotype: The visible expression of a character. Thus BB and Bb would be different genotypes, but the same phenotype (black). 

Recessive: Refers to an allele that needs to be present in duplicate in order to indicate its presence. In a single dose it will be masked by a dominant allele. 


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