The fascinating character

In contrast to other hunting dogs, especially other terriers, the Jack Russell terrier is distinguished by its courageous and prudent character. He is aware of his limits and does not recklessly risk danger. Where a Deutscher Jagdterrier would challenge a wild boar, a Jack Russell terrier stays at a safe distance without loosing his keenness. When working in a den, a Jack Russell terrier should be able to assess his risks and know whether his opponent is a fox or a badger. This clever behaviour, typical for Jack Russell terriers, is the natural result of a selection process during which dogs are exposed to critical situations. As a hunting dog, the Jack Russell terrier had to follow commands easily and immediately. These dogs also work very well in a pack of hounds and, if well bred, do very well with other dogs.

These traits, along with his pronounced kindness and a touch of the clown, makes him a modern dog – a bright, uncomplicated companion that is a ‘real’ dog despite his small stature. Everyone who buys a Jack Russell terrier puppy should know that he should be treated as such. A spoiled, ill-behaved puppy will grow up to be a dog that tyrannises the entire family. Treat this cute fellow as a real dog and not as a mascot from the beginning.

Text: Dr. J. Willi, Sarastro